Viking market in Näsum (copy)

Address: Gudahagen, 29594 Näsum Date: Saturday 16 sep 2017 - Sunday 17 Sep 2017 Show map

Address: Gudahagen, 29594 Näsum

Exciting Viking Market in mysterious Gudahagen!

It's finally time for the Viking market in Näsum! The Viking market turns to both the real Viking fantast and the general public - you're sure to find something that's interesting! Here you'll find fun and interesting experiences for all ages and for all tastes. Experience the Viking age with skilled craftsmen and different things for sale. Come experience the music and singing, carnys that causes it - everywhere! Experience Jack-of-all-trades with fire and fun. Experience when riding Vikings challenging each other mead tölt and see Viking fighters swing their swords. Let the kids play Viking games with children from local schools. Try to throw an ax, shoot bow, pole thrusting and other Viking games! Enjoy contemporary food and drink and feel the atmosphere!

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    +46 (0)733 - 24 44 2
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  • Opening hours
    Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of September.