Skåneleden trail

Address: Bromölla Date: Friday 1 jan 2016 - Sunday 31 Dec 2017 Show map

Address: Bromölla

Today the Skåneleden trail consists of over 1000 kilometers of 80 daily hikes and is one of Sweden's longest and most well-kept trails. Three stages of - Coast to Coast trail - passes through Bromölla.

Östafors - Bökestad - 10 km - This hike is part of the largest international hiking event Eurorando which takes place in September 2016. Read more at:

Sölvesborg - Gundsjön - 12 km
During the three hikes from Sölvesborg to Bökestad the Skåneleden trail runs together with the Blekingeleden trail. In the middle of the plains the mountain Ryssberget rises majestically with its 150 meters above sea level. Here you find the largest beech forest in Blekinge. At several places on Ryssberget you can see where the Baltic Ice Lake for some 12 000 years ago had its shoreline. Areas with stone shows where the coastline was, about 55 meters above the current sea level. In the borderland between Skåne and Blekinge, lies the small lake Grundsjön. The beautiful scenery along with the quietness of the area, make this a perfect place for relaxation. The lake is a paradise for those interested in fishing and rainbow trout are stocked here.

Grundsjön - Östafors - 16 km
The viewpoint against Drögsperyd is located on the slopes of Ryssberget. The valley is a small and archaic farming landscape with a well-preserved village. Most of the living areas are on two floors and painted red. Well-preserved stone fences and stone walls runs through the village. In Drögsperyd is an agricultural museum. For about 80 million years ago southern Sweden was an archipelago scenery and Näsum Valley a bay. To the west was the Västanå mountain and Ivö islands. The climate was warm. Softwood and gingko trees were common tree species and on the ground grew different mosses. In the Mediterranean´s hot water, swam the Scania Lizard, Scanisaurus. Skeletal remains from the up to 12 meters long plesiosaur has been found on Ivö and around Ivösjön. Fossils of these 3-13 meters long, carnivorous reptiles has found in the area. Even today, their distant relatives are left on earth, the monitor lizard or dragnos.

On the border between Skåne and Blekinge , where Holjeån bifurcates into two rapids , is the nature reserve Ljungryda - Östafors. The geological formations is to be preserved as well as deciduous forest and open land. The campsite at Östafors is located only a few meters away from Holjeån .

Östafors - Bökestad - 10 km
This hike is part of the largest international Hiking event Eurorando that take place in September 2016.

Two wooden crosses, one of which is right next to the trail, are reminders of a tragic event. It is said that two identical twins fell in love with the same girl. They would duel for their beloved. With a distance of 200 meters, they lifted their weapons against each other. The shots were fired at exactly the same moment. The brothers were equally accurate. Both died. When the girl found out what happened, she was so shocked so much that she fell into the river and drowned. The hike crosses the county border twice. A spot is passed where two trails run together. If you choose to go west, follow the Skåneleden against Bjärehalvön. You turn to the north, along the Blekinge trail, you can follow the trail to Kristianopel. On the third possibility makes the two joints companion and you end up at Ynde, just outside Sölvesborg.

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