Brukshusen/Factory houses

Address: Bruksgatan, 295 31 Bromölla Date: Saturday 1 jul 2017 - Saturday 26 Aug 2017 Show map

Address: Bruksgatan, 295 31 Bromölla

The Factory Houses are unique museums that takes you back to the turn of the century when Bromölla grew and the small private houses were built by Ivöverken. Today there are 8 of them left, two preserved as museums that are possible to visit.

The Factory houses were once equally characteristic of Bromley industrial community as the squares lizards (Scanisaurus) are today. The houses were like the lizards, more or less unique in its kind and dominated the social picture entirely for several decades.

In one of the houses you step in to the threshold of a working-class home in the turn of the century, in another do you stay in a country store museum. The houses were built in the years 1905-07. Originally, there were 20-30 houses, today only eight have survived. Ivetofta historical society has decorated a house working residence from early last century.

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