The world's smallest art gallery

Address: Ifötorget, 295 31 Bromölla Date: Wednesday 23 may 2018 - Saturday 1 Dec 2018 Show map

Address: Ifötorget, 295 31 Bromölla

The world's smallest art gallery is originally an old phone booth that for more than 70 years stood in the city Västerås. Now it stands here in Bromölla at the Ifö-square and is re-made as an art gallery.

Inside the thelephone booth is a diabase sculpture from the stone realm, that gives the impression of being pierced by a square pole. The sculpture is named "An inspiration with an outspiration" which is a quote by the artist Dan Wolgers. The artist behind this installation is sculptor Kent Viberg from Karlshamn. Kent got the idea to the work from New York, where previously an art gallery called "The Wrong Gallery" existed that was called the World's smallest gallery. When it was closed the title was avaiable and Kent took advantage of this for his new work of art.

The news about The World's smallest art gallery has spread abroad, this thanks to a photographer from Malmö. He took pictures of the art gallery and sold them to AP that then spread them around the world. Today you find pictures and texts about the art gallery on webpages in Sweden, England and Korea.

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