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  • Trip with tour boat Klacken on lake Ivösjön during the summer

Trip with tour boat Klacken on lake Ivösjön during the summer

Address: Bromölla Turistbyrå, 29531 Bromölla Show map

Address: Bromölla Turistbyrå, 29531 Bromölla

Ivösjön with its archipelago is an unexplored territory for many. A number of boat trips during the summer will give you the possibility to board the tour boat Klackenon on the biggest lake in Skåne: Ivösjön!

In addition to an experience on the beautiful lake, you might travel royally. Rumour says that the boat Klacken once belonged to His Majesty King Oscar II. Royal or not. During four hours it invites you to the beautiful nature of the archipelago in lake Ivösjön .

The premiere tour this year is a Dance tour to Klackabacken in Näsum. You get to enjoy a lovely tour on lake Ivösjön, well ashore you will be offered light refreshments, then there will be dancing in the evening and afterwards a bus will take you back to Bromölla.

On two occasions it goes to sea with the objective of exploring the unknown islands in lake Ivösjön. If the weather permits, we stop and you get the opportunity to swim. There is no food for sale on this tour, bring your own refreshments.

The first weekend in August, the boat will take you across lake Ivösjön and then stop at Ivögården on the island Ivön. Here you will be served a summer buffet. Food is included in the ticket for this tour.

40 people can go on each tour.

There is no toilet on board.
The boat is not accessible with wheelchair.
Pets are not allowed on the boat.

Tickets are non-refundable.

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